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By purchasing option 2, you are confiming that you would like to donate 12-24oz soups to those people and families that will really benefit from a free meal. 

Option 2- 12- Individual Soups for Full Donation

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  • All of our food products are freshly produced in our commissary kitchen. We then deep freeze the soups to preserve the quality of the product and keep them ice cold for delivery. This also helps you store the soups for when you decide you want to enjoy them. 


    Chef Michael Fiore is the creator and Executive Chef who oversees all food and packaging production at his facility. We make everything from scratch and operate under strict sanitation laws held by the City of New York. In addition, we have added additional new sanitation procedures such as requiring all chefs to work on separate work tables at least 6ft apart. With a kitchen of 5,000 sq. feet this has not been difficult for us to implement. 


    Soup-4-Support is a way of offering his customers healthy and delicious, easy-to-heat meals that can be stored frozen until needed. Simply place under cold running water or leave in the fridge over night to slowly thaw. The soups are best reheated in a pot on a stove top but can also be transferred into a microwave safe bowl to reheat individual portions. 


    Michael feels that he has a responsibility to help employ his full-time cooks during this unforeseen decline in the food industry and is not willing to set up any form of money handouts from his customers without offering them something in return, like his soups. 


    Michael also feels that if he can manage to create an overnight business opportunity that can cover labor and food costs then he would like to use the additional money from your purchases as a way to help other families that may not be able to afford meals each day and that have been directly affected by the Covid-19 virus. This includes people out of work with no alternative means of income, those who have been sick from the virus, the elderly, first responders and hospital staff as well as local food banks that will receive food donations.


    Please consider trying some of our soups and help us make a difference to those who need it most!